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1. MAIN APPLICATION: The function of the power saving box is to stabilize the voltage, balance the current, and surge protection to avoid ineffective power wastage.
2. GREEN INDICATOR: Simply plug the power saver into an electrical outlet, the green indicator light will illuminate, and then start working by keeping the device connected.
3. SAFETY AND RELIABILITY: When the power saving box works under rated load, it is safer to use the capacitor system to release its stored power more smoothly to the normal state.
4. POWER SAVING: This power saver will reduce your power consumption and save power effectively, up to 20%‑35% for heavy loads.
5. APPLICABLE SCENARIO: This power saver is suitable for houses, apartments, store lots, restaurants, hotels, offices, and small factories.


Item Type: Power Saver
Material: ABS
Operating Voltage: AC 90-240V
Rated Frequency: 50-60Hz
Payload: 28000W