The Revolutionary Device That Helps You To Fall Asleep In Just 40 Seconds


Almost everyone experiences insomnia from time to time. Factors such as stress, jet lag, or even diet can affect your ability to get high-quality sleep. In fact, nearly 80 million Americans a year experience insomnia and wake up feeling unrefreshed. Sometimes the problem lasts for a night or two, but in other cases it’s an ongoing issue.

Insomnia Symptoms

Difficulty falling asleep at night    ◾Waking up during the night    

◾Waking up too early              ◾Not feeling well-rested after a night's sleep

◾Daytime tiredness or sleepiness ​Irritability, depression or anxiety ​

◾Difficulty paying attention, focusing on tasks or remembering

◾​Ongoing worries about sleep

What Causes Insomnia?

According to the Sleep Foundation, " There are numerous potential causes of insomnia, and in many cases, multiple factors can be involved. Poor sleep can also trigger or worsen other health conditions, creating a complex chain of cause-and-effect for insomnia."
Common causes of insomnia include stress, an irregular sleep schedule, poor sleeping habits, mental health disorders like anxiety and depression, physical illnesses and pain, medications, neurological problems, and specific sleep disorders. 
For many people, a combination of these factors can initiate and exacerbate insomnia. 

The Worse Part?

Frequently having trouble sleeping can be a frustrating experience. You sleep badly at night, which leaves you feeling dead-tired in the morning and whatever energy you have quickly drains throughout the day. But then, no matter how exhausted you feel at night, you still have trouble sleeping. And so the cycle begins again. 

It causes you to have a hard time concentrating and controlling your emotions on the next day. In addition, you are spending 2-3X more energy to get things done...

What Can You Do About It?

It can be treated with sleeping pills. It is the simplest way to help you fall asleep. However, it can stop working as your body develops a tolerance for the medication. This means that you have to use more to get the same effect. You end up spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on buying different sleeping pills. Not to mention the side effects including dizziness, headache, and daytime memory problems

The Best Solution

Do you want to improve your sleep quality without taking countless of sleeping pills?

The Mintal White Noise Machine™ 

Introducing the Mintal White Noise Machine™—the sleep machine that helps you fall asleep quicker and easier using the 8 different nature sounds and 255 sound combinations. Further, it is a more affordable alternative to everything else found on the market today. 

So here it is, you have the Mintal White Noise Machine™, which utilizes the relaxing 8 nature sounds technology. Forget about the sleeping pills in your drawers or the sleeping app that cost you 14.95 USD a month (cost even more if you forget to cancel your on going subscription). With our Mintal White Noise Machine™, you can fall asleep easier than ever.

"I suffer from insomnia and this has made an incredible difference in the amount of time it takes me to fall asleep" - Susan W.  Verified Buyer

"After using this for over 6 months, I can't live without it. It definitely helps me to fall asleep easily" - Marilyn R.  Verified Buyer


How It Works

Mintal White Noise Machine™ secret lies in the revolutionary nature sound technology. 
Simply put, the dual full-range stereo speakers brings you back to nature in seconds

It offers 8 different nature sounds with 255 sound combinations that are well tested and designed by sleep researchers, audiologists, and sound engineers.

Simply test the 8 different nature sounds and choose the right one for you so you can fall asleep quickly and wake up feeling refreshed instead of feeling tired and drowsy all the time. 

Why Choose Us?

"There are hundreds of products that make false claims. We simplify the sleeping process by including the best 8 nature sounds into one product - only using the nature sounds that's well tested and approved by world class sleep researchers. There is no other product on the market that helps people to fall asleep quickly while works better, healthier than taking sleeping pills.



5 Reasons Why Mintal White Noise Machine™ Is The Best Sleeping Solution

1. Our Customers Are 95% Satisfied With The Results

A satisfaction rate that we are proud to show off! Many of our users expressed that the best part about our white noise machine is that it helps them to fall asleep quickly. Because our machine are well-tested by sleep researchers, you'll find why thousands trust and continue to support us.

2. Lightweight And Portable

Our Mintal White Noise Machine™ are made to fit perfectly in your bagpack. No more bulky glasses! You can bring it with you any time of the day, whether you're resting or moving about.

3. 8 Different Nature Sounds

If you’re worried about the sound options available in the machine - don’t fret! Our white noise machine offers the following 8 nature sounds: 

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