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These Self-Adjustable Glasses Will Do Wonders For Your Eyesight!

Written by GEORGE LANE in TECH Gadget


"After the age of 50, focusing on close-up objects became very difficult"


It comes with no warning like many other unwelcome signs of aging. One morning you wake up and there’s a new grey hair, or an unfamiliar fine line at the corner of your eye, or you find yourself squinting at your morning newspaper. It’s called presbyopia and it is the farsightedness caused by ageing. This condition happens to everyone at some point...

Focusing on close-up objects became increasingly difficult. I felt tired and drowsy all the time. And I didn’t even realize it was a vision problem.


What happened?

As we age, the crystalline lens in the eye that bends the light in order to hit the retina loses elasticity. When this occurs, it prevents your eyes from focusing as well as they once did. Its effects can begin suddenly, usually around age 50, and can worsen over time. You may become aware of this issue when you start holding books and newspapers at arm's length to be able to read them... 


What Can I Do About It?

Fortunately, we now have an amazing pair of glasses that may help your vision, without breaking the bank. 


What Is It? 

It’s called PureCare Focus™ and it’s a true Game-Changer! These line-free multifocal lenses restore clear near vision and provide excellent vision at all distances.


How Does It Work?

PureCare Focus™’s secret lies in the revolutionary flex focus optic technology. This technology designs each lens with a range of different corrections. 

Your eye automatically looks through the lens and finds the right spot where the correction is right for you so you can focus and read clearly.

PureCare Focus™ can cover the range from +0.5 to +2.75 farsightedness. That’s beyond impressive and it’s also very easy to use.


What’s So Great About PureCare Focus™?

✅  Crystal Clear Vision

Forget about three..four.. or five glasses in your drawers. With one pair of PureCare Focus™, you can clearly see things from different distances.

Who Can Benefit From PureCare Focus™?


Feel tired & drowsy all the time? You might be experiencing a vision problem. PureCare Focus™ is a perfect solution to test and fix your eyesight in just a few seconds.

You definitely need a pair if you’re experiencing double, distorted, or blurry vision. 


5 Reasons Why PureCare Focus™ Is The Best Eyesight Solution?


1. Our Customers Are 95% Satisfied With The Results 

A satisfaction rate that we are proud to show off! Many of our users expressed that the best part about our glasses is that it brings them crystal clear vision. Because our glasses are well-tested by ophthalmologists, you'll find why thousands trust and continue to support us.


2. 100% Comfortable

Our PureCare Focus™ glasses are made to fit perfectly for your eyes. The newly designed adjustable feature allows you to adjust the frame, no more “one size fits all”! You can wear them any time of the day, whether you're resting or moving about.


3. Target all eyesight problems 

If you’re worried about a specific type of eyesight problem - don’t fret! Our glasses are designed to target the following conditions

  • Blurry vision
  • Double vision
  • Distorted vision
  • Night Vision
  • Eye strain


4. See What the Numbers Say About Why SGC Essence Are the New, Go-To Skincare Solution

  • 90% of consumers saw drastic results to their eyesight after wearing them
  • 9 out of 10 consumers notice their vision improve
  • 95% of consumers said they would use PureCare Focus™ glasses instead of other glasses
  • 80% of consumers said they would recommend to a friend


5. The Best Eyesight Solution Available For Anyone

Unlike other glasses, the PureCare Focus™ glasses only use lenses that’s approved and well-tested by ophthalmologists. Strictly designed to bring back the clear vision that you deserve, the vision you had when you were in the 20’s. 


Conclusion: Is It Worth It?

I had some doubts about this technology, but I changed my mind the moment I put them on. It was so easy “hitting” the right setting, even a child could do it.

For that price, I can say that PureCare Focus™ offers the best money-to-value ratio on the market!

If you’re experiencing ANY type of vision problems, I warmly recommend ordering yours right now, before they’re out of stock again.

How To Get Your Very Own PureCare Focus™? 

If they’re still in stock, here’s how to get your device:

     Step 1: Order PureCare Focus™ from the official website

     Step 2: Enjoy the difference PureCare Focus™ will make for your eyesight

It’s that simple!


What Do People Say About PureCare Focus™?

Is Shipping Free? 


Yes, you get free shipping through their current promotion


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