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Are You A Senior With Barking Dogs? Meet the “New-Aged Device” That Stops Bad Behaviors, Instantly

Her barking was so bad, I thought I’d have to give my Black Lab away...

Thankfully, I found PetCare.

Denise Morgan 11 May 2021

Does your dog bark too much?

Do they jump on people, chew things up, or misbehave?

If so, I know how stressful it can be.

Last year, I adopted a Black Lab named Daisy. She was beautiful, smart, and built like a champion purebred.

But once I got her home, I realized Daisy was a barker. A really really bad barker.

Now, I’m 67 years old... at my age, I don’t have the energy or desire to train a dog to keep quiet.

Lucky for me, I found a ‘secret weapon’ – a simple, easy way to make the barking stop, that doesn’t require any effort or training.

Today, I’m going to share my secret with you… but before I do, I want to tell you about Jeffrey.

An Unexpected Dog Owner

Jeffrey was my older brother and closest friend.

When the rest of the family left town over the years, Jeffrey and I stayed put. The older we got, the closer we became.

So when Jeffrey got sick and asked me to care for his puppy, of course, I said yes. Didn’t matter that I hadn’t had a dog in years – I’d do anything for my brother.

Well, Jeffrey ended up getting worse, and never did recover. Just like that, I became a dog owner. Which was fine with me... adopting Daisy was another way to keep Jeffrey’s memory alive.

But it wasn’t easy.

As soon as I got Daisy home, the barking started.

The smallest little thing would set her off: getting a plate from the cabinet, people walking on the street, even the sound of the tv.

I and my husband tried everything to make it stop... we took Daisy for two long walks every day, and gave her plenty of toys and attention.

But it didn’t get better. By week two, we were getting seriously stressed, and the noise was taking a toll.

Then things got worse: We got a letter from the HOA saying there’d been a complaint.

The next time it happened, we’d get a $300 fine. And if it happened a 3rd time, Daisy would have to go. She would be banished from the neighborhood.

Well, that wasn’t an option for me... there was NO WAY I’d give Daisy up and break my promise to Jeffrey.

But I was desperate... so I called the one person I thought could help.

Advice From an Expert

Jenny is a sweet woman who lives nearby.

Besides making the best potato salad in the neighborhood, she’s a dog trainer well-known for raising German Shepherds.

I called her up and told her what happened.

“Oh boy,” Jenny said. “I think I have just the thing... bring Daisy by tomorrow, and I’ll show you what I know.”

The next morning was a clear, beautiful Saturday. I put Daisy’s harness on and walked the four blocks to Jenny’s house.

When we got inside, I told her everything: the non-stop barking, the stress, the HOA letter. It made me upset just talking about it.

What Jenny did next surprised me...

She simply got up from her chair and motioned for me to follow her. “Let’s go out back,” she said. “I want Daisy to meet the boys.”

Outside, Alfie and Odie – Jenny’s German Shepherds – were in their pen.

Of course, Daisy went nuts... she started barking, screaming, and pulling at her leash, trying to break free.

But Alfie and Odie sat there, cool as a cucumber, watching everything. No barking, no commotion.

“How did you do that?” I asked. “How did you train them so well?”

“Let me show you,” she replied.

Then Jenny did something incredible: she pulled a small device from her pocket, pointed it at Daisy, and pressed a button...

Immediately, the barking stopped. Daisy quit straining and sat back on her haunches.

I couldn’t believe it! My jaw dropped open. “How on earth did you do that?” I asked.

“It’s my secret weapon,” Jenny said with a grin, holding up the little device.

It’s called PetCare... it uses soundwaves only dogs can hear to break their attention and calm them down. Just point, press, and the bad behavior stop, instantly.

Jenny said it was the best dog training tool she had ever found, and the one she used to train Alfie, Odie, and all her past dogs.

“The PetCare has been my go-to training aid for years,” she said. “I recommend it to all the dog owners I work with. If you want an easy way to make Daisy behave, this is it.”

I was ecstatic… Jenny’s ‘secret weapon’ was just the thing I’d been looking for.

I Had to Try it Myself

As soon as I got home, I went online to read about PetCare.

It had excellent reviews… but what I liked most was the pet-safe technology.

The ‘ultrasonic tone’ it makes is irresistible to dogs. If your dog is barking, jumping, chewing, or fighting, PetCare breaks their attention and makes them behave… all while being 100% safe and harmless (which is a must for me).

Eager to try it myself, I ordered the PetCare from their website (it’s only available online). In just a few days, I had the device hand.

How did it work?

Well, once I got PetCare, everything changed with Daisy.

When he would start barking, I just pointed the device and pressed the button. Instantly, the bad behavior stopped… just like Jenny showed me.

After everything I had been through, I couldn’t believe how easy it was.

And here’s the best part: after using PetCare a handful of times, I didn’t even have to press the button anymore. Just picking it up was enough to make Daisy behave.

These days, Daisy is calm and comfortable in our home, and hardly barks at all. She’s happy, we’re happy, and she’s sticking around for the long term.

Would I recommend PetCare to other seniors?

Absolutely. If you’ve got barking dogs and want an easy way to make them behave, definitely check it out. PetCare has been a lifesaver for us.

To learn more about PetCare and find out how to order one yourself, click the button below: